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Q: Why was the blonde's bellybutton bruised? A: Her husband was a blonde, too.



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Casey's Corner

Electronic Cigarettes - A Report commissioned by The Public find that E-Cigs 95% Less Harmful Than Smoking and Helpful for Cessation. In Canada the problem is simple math. The Canadian Government spends $1.6 Billion Dollars a Year on tobacco related illness treatment. The Government collects over $6.4 billion in taxes every year. That amounts to about a $5 Billion dollar windfall for the Government every year.


Distracted Driving and Drinking and Driving - Has any one reading this ever tried to reason with a person who is intoxicated. Those of you who have know that reasoning with an intoxicated person is futile. If you are convicted of impaired driving, the court has the power to order that an alcohol detection device be installed in your vehicle at the vehicle owners expense.. Why wait until then? Why wait until somebody is seriously hurt or dies?


Canadian Budget Syrplus - Harper School of how to get elected: 1. Cut 30 Billion from Health Care Spending 2. Cut as many other programs as you can 3. Just before the election, announce a budget surplus


Tired of being Tracked every where you go on the internet? - go to www.epicBrowser,com


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Science In The News

Mars' Moon Slowly Falling Apart

Phobos, Mars' moon, shows what seems to be early signs of structural failure that will ultimately destroy it. The surface of the moon is covered with long shallow grooves that indicate the moon is being pulled closer to Mars. Scientists expect the moon to be pulled apart in 30 to 50 million years.

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Tidbits You Need To Know
Do you think we should build the best transportation where the most traffic is? Perhaps that is why we have a "Highway to Hell" and a Stairway to Heaven?"
According to the latest poll, all three main parties are tied for the amount of votes they are expected to get. So if one Party gets 35% of the popular vote then they may get a majority government with 35% of the votes. The 65% who did not vote for this party and their policies are ruled by the minority. Do you think this is good?
Is Canada going to be completely Muslim?
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